Unemployment And Job Participation

By: Roy Salisbury | Sunday, December 11 2016

Why is the Government Accounting process so different then what the rest of us practice? Many politicians need negatives to sound positive which adds to the cover up of mismanagement.

“The labor force has been dropping for years and unemployment with it, which is a problem we’ve explored at great length. A declining unemployment rate is a good thing when you have a stable or rising labor force participation rate. It is not a good thing when your labor force is declining too.” (Source: Granite Grok)

The Government Accounting Process is providing a major disservice to the American people and camouflage the real status of the US economy.

Government data showed that only 63.2 percent of working-age Americans have a job or are looking for one, the lowest proportion since 1978. Nearly 90 million people are now considered out of the labor force, up 1.7 million from August 2012. So how does the Politicians take the position the job numbers reflect growth in the job market, their own numbers contradict this position.

To get a true assessment of the unemployment rate you will need to determine who makes up the 90 million considered out of the labor force.

The US economy recover and growth is more dependent on these numbers than the stock markets, real estate, technology and energy industries. How many jobs do we need to create to get the US economy growing and achieve a realistic and sustainable year over year growth.