The Future

By: Roy Salisbury | Saturday, December 10 2016

I have been reading about how the United States (US) and the World are on the verge of collapse, the one common ingredient in much if not all the positions taken is the furthering of the writer’s agenda, cause and philosophy. I guess I am no different, however I do not prescribe to the belief that the sky is falling, that the US is on the verge of collapse. The US economy is the leading economy in the world and the world will follow. This is not to say there will not be hot spots or areas of mismanagement that will cause hardship in the world and for that matter in the US.

I believe that the US politicians have miss managed the US economy as well as its leadership role in the global ecosystem and if the US mismanagement continues economies will falter. I firmly point out that economic leadership should not be mistaken for global governance which in some sectors is believed to be the solution for the globe.

The US can make the needed changes to start on the long road to recovery. Part of the change needs to be the healing of the divisive divisions that have been fostered by the few moving the many to become defensive and less engaged. This applies here in the US as well as other global locations requiring a level of servility for one another’s cultures.