Management Of The United States

By: Roy Salisbury | Tuesday, May 30 2017

Politically both sides of the isle seem to be riding in the backseat of a car traveling at hundred miles per hour and there is no one willing to take the wheel. The bone yard of nations is full of former empires whom lost sight of the future and lived only for the day. The United States is approaching 20 trillion dollars in debt and that does not count State and local governments and unfunded pension obligations.

As of today, we cannot payoff this debt without a change in our thinking!

So, who is really to blame the elected representatives or those who elect them and where is the true watch dogs of our Democratic Society the press who is not suppose too have a dog in the fight.

I am 60 years old and I have never seen the level of grid lock, partisanship and or the lack of commitment to the Country over political affiliation.

We, our representatives in Washington need a strong dose of common sense and courage or the United States and We are doomed to repeat history ending in the boneyard of empires.