Happy New Year

By: Roy Salisbury | Thursday, December 29 2016

I am looking forward to the New Year with renewed vigor that a 2017 will be greater 2016 for many.

Over the span of my career, I have been very fortunate to have multiple chapters of success and struggles in diverse areas. Starting with my time and education in the United States Marine Corps, I have always given all my effort to drive success with the cause at hand. I am now at a point in my life, where I want to do what I can to make sure I leave a positive imprint, and hopefully a positive legacy behind, and specifically in this country that I have defended, that has provided for my family, that my family continues to fight for, and that I love.

I am re-aligning my efforts to focus on non-profits with causes that I believe in one of which is Progress Works (www.progressworks.org). The focus of Progress Works will be job creation and retention here in the United States, made possible via investment into the heart beat of the economy, small business.

I will be volunteering my time, resources, and knowledge to Progress Works, along with expanded involvement with existing non-profits I am affiliated with. Additionally, I will seek and consider additional causes I believe in with participation at the Board of Directors level. In bringing my background with Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Investment Banking, I will help drive success for the organizations I support.

I will continue to blog and hopefully bring relaxant data to my followers.

Happy New Year