RYS & Company Management, LLC

Strategic Planning for Non Profit Organizations

The firm provides Strategic Planning and Business Development services too Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organizations with a results oriented philosophy. RYS helps its clients to create ambitious, practical, and executable plans to accomplish their goals and mission. RYS clients can measure results based on a clear set of deliverables as part of a success strategy tailored to the client’s needs and expectations.

RYS staff works with management and the organizations staff to develop strategies that will deliver real results for a client organization. RYS helps its clients to set executable goals that align resources to achieve their funding goals and achieve the best possible outcome for the effort.

RYS clients receive advise on how to improve the overall performance of the organization from leadership, strategy development, organizational building blocks, sustainable fundraising, governance, compliance and the execution of the strategy. Much of this is then memorialized in a strategic plan that is then used as a road map to enhance the successful implematation of the plan.

RYS engagements always start with a high degree of dialogue with the management to garner a thorough understanding of the organization’s needs, desires, goals and expectations.

Edward Schradermeier

Vice President