We provide Capital with structured parameters that mitigate our risk while insuring project success. Our Capital, together with our Network, our Knowledge, our execution Strategy, and our experience at putting it all together bring significant value, yielding a successful transaction for all involved.

We are opportunistic investors. We are open to any industry, and have had investment experience in most industry sectors.

RYS&Co. began with the founding partner, Roy Y. Salisbury, and his firm R Y Salisbury and Associates in 1992. Over the past three decades RYS&Co. has developed a concentration of operational experience, knowledge and intuition that cannot be learned in books; it is only gained over time and with considerable effort. Through the addition of other partners, we have amassed knowledge and concentrated expertise. This rich and diversified business history is the driving force behind the firm’s success in the current economic and political climate.

RYS&Co. Partners has participated in numerous transactions, and is committed to identifying, investing in, and funding well-defined projects that demonstrate the potential for substantial long-term growth.

Our competencies in business development, competitive analysis, corporate strategy, due diligence, financial structuring, management, marketing, market research, public relations, government relations and strategic alliances greatly increases the probability of success for our investment portfolio.

RYS&Co. is managed by RYS & Company Management, LLC, its President, Mr. James E. Jenkins and his staff who bring over 36 years of diversified experience in senior management, manufacturing operations, SEC public company experience to include CEO and COB, investment banking, real estate and commodities market.

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