Regulus Corporation

REGULUS Corporation aka Small Business Development Group, Inc. presents a specific financial and business opportunity for the right management & investment team. The Company is a PINK Sheet company listed on OTC Markets currently with a ST0P sign on its symbol (SBDG).

This is a restructuring opportunity, not a quick flip or promotional pump and dump. Rather it is a financially engineered process with a long-term view based on a sophisticated business strategy of partnering with business owners with aligned goals of growth and wealth building. The Company has used the model and proved its viability, however, the company had the wrong management and investor team which corrupted the model.

The initial capital from the new team will be used to complete the final cleanup of the Company’s accounting, compliance, reporting restoring the company to a Current Information Pink sheet status and marketing of a Regulation D 506 (c). The timeline will be based on several benchmarks tied to the recovery of shares before becoming current on OTC Markets. (Use of Proceeds upon request)

The Company is designed to be a Current Information Pink Sheet with no immediate goals to reach a higher-level listing. “A Pink Sheet can own a higher listed company, unlike a listed company that cannot own anything that is not audited. The Company gets all the benefit of being publicly traded without the high cost of compliance. This creates opportunities for the Company based on acquisitions of un audited transactions allowing for flexibility and cost of acquisition containment.

The current capital structure allows for the share price to rise based on fundamentals without undue pressure on share price and liquidity. Early increases are expected based on the Companies business model and the signing of several acquisition agreements. As part of the acquisition agreements the Company will go to market with a Regulation D 506 (c) offering tied directly to the acquisition capital needs.

This opportunity will create significant equity appreciation for shareholders based on acquisition and aligned growth strategies. The Company structure allows the Company to function as a Private Equity Group using cash, debt and securities to acquire operating assets.