Regulus Corporation

REGULUS Corp. (“REGULUS” or “Company”) is a Florida State corporation providing strategic business solutions services to companies requiring cutting-edge advice in the area of corporate growth strategies; end-to-end financial, business consulting and capital formation services. The Company is addressing the growing need in the financial services industry by solidifying the merchant and investment banking sectors. There is a niche opportunity in the capital needs market for funding in the $2M to $20M range, whereas the large investment banking firms entertain transactions greater than $100 million.

REGULUS fills this market need specifically in the areas of: (1) engineering of a public company; (2) financial consulting relative to financing and investment banking services for small-and mid-cap companies, private or public; (3) investment consulting; (4) mergers and acquisitions; (5) business advisory; (6) crisis management; (7) investor relations/market reports; and (8) formation, management and continuing compliance of 1940 Act Business Development Companies (BDC). Two of our critical success factors unique to the financial community are our extensive experience in the formation and compliance of BDC’s, and our ability to obtain and retain accredited investors by providing quality service with better than average returns and lower downside risk.

The Company core values puts investors and business clients’ interests first by providing team work, integrity and honesty, which guide all phases of the client and consultant relationship, from the exploratory meeting to final delivery and a commitment to continuously improve profitability. Our expertise insures our clients attain cost effective, results oriented solutions. REGULUS’s extensive network of relationships provides investors the benefit of efficient and timely execution to more effectively address their specific investment needs. This network is constantly expanded through and active use of mail campaigns, addressing leading professionals in the legal, accounting and consulting fields, regional and national venture capitalists, private equity investors and strategic investors.

James Jenkins, Chairman

REGULUS Corporation

Windermere, FL 34786

Mobile: (407) 432-3317

Google Voice: (407) 536-9422